Welcome to a one-of- a-kind space that grooms industry-ready professionals in the fields of film- making and video journalism.

About 5th Mug

5th Mug is a platform for film buffs. Having been in the business of film making for over a decade, we realized the need for a space where people could come and share ideas, showcase their talent and more importantly meet other like-minded people and hopefully even get together to make films.

Discover – Nurture - Create Opportunities

5th MUG is essentially about bringing together professionals, building communities and bridging the talent gap in the film making and video journalism industries. In keeping with our objectives, our activities include courses, screenings and creating opportunities for people to showcase talent.

5th MUG is the result of our realization that finding talent is a critical issue in the industry today. Ironically, while there are unlimited options to showcase talent today and more and more people are also joining courses in film making and media, talent is still in short supply. This is because of the many misconceptions and the lack of exposure to industry realties. Institutes that churn out candidates and certificates don’t tell the students that film making is more than knowing the techniques, that it is about a certain way of thinking, that it is as much about having certain skills as a person, as it is about having certain technical skills. And this is there we come in.

A first-of- its kind Integrated Course


5th MUG offers integrated courses in film making and video journalism designed and conducted by FTII professionals and other experts from the industry.

What you get from 5th MUG?
While most courses promise you jobs or placements, our aim is to train you in skills that give you the competitive advantage. This is why we don’t promise jobs or teach you just theories. Instead, we empower you with skills that make you attractive for the industry. For, as a production house, we understand that our industry does not go by certifications but sheer talent.



Fiction. Non- fiction. Short films. Documentaries. Ad films. Corporate Films. Event coverage. Social media specific.

1st month- Integrated subjects (script, production, direction, cinematography, editing, animation, sound)
2nd and 3rd month: Specialization (script, direction, cinematography and editing)


- Should be interested.
- Over 18 years of age.
- Should have access to a laptop.


Understanding the creative, technical and the practical aspects of filmmaking. Exposure to all genres of films( Features, Shorts, Commercials, Documentaries, Music videos, Video journalism and films for the Social Media)

Understanding :

  • All genres of films
  • Scripting for various genre
  • The camera
  • Editing
  • Sound
  • Production
  • Special effects

(All the above will include knowledge on software and the aesthetics of the field)

  • Telling a story using stills-
  • Working on a film project independently
  • Showcase of student films
  • Interaction with experts
  • Visit to studios/shoots

Basic myths and misconceptions



Understanding the subject.
Understanding the demands of clients.
Understanding production costs.
Writing for different genres
Learning to interact with the team.
Film appreciation: exposure to various genres of films.
Working on scripts for various genres.
Explaining script to the Producer/ Director
Common misconceptions.

The Practicals:
Writing for a documentary.
Writing for a corporate film
Writing for an AV
Writing for a short film
Writing for a feature film
Writing for social media films.


Understanding the subject.
Understanding the demands of clients.
Understanding production costs.
Writing for different genres
Film appreciation: exposure to various genres of films.
Dealing with the crew.
Managing a production.
Common misconceptions.

The Practicals:
Produce a short film using stills.
Direct a 3-minute documentary
Direct a 3-minute fiction


Interaction with some of the best in the business
Workshops on latest trends in cinematography
Practical understanding of various formats

- Film and digital still photography
- Video
- Films

Practical exposure to indoor and outdoor lighting
Understanding script requirements
Interaction with the team.
Understanding the basics:

-DI enhancements
-Shooting for news and events
-Shooting for reality shows
-Shooting for travel shows

Understanding multi camera setups
Shooting against Chroma background
Visit to production studios, sets and labs
Showcase independent work
Discussion with experts...
Common misconceptions.

The Practicals:
Shoot films with the Direction team.

Exposure to various software
Understanding editing for various genres.
Learning to interact with the Director
Visit to edit/special effects studios
Interaction with industry editors.
Common misconceptions.

The Practicals:
Editing on projects with the Direction team.

Our Expert Faculty

Foresee has always distinguished itself by working and collaborating with the best. The courses we offer at 5th MUG are by professionals who have breadth and depth of experience in their chosen fields.


Balchander M Gandhekar(Graduate from Film and Television Institute of India,Pune)

Managing Director, Foresee Multimedia Pvt. Ltd. 34 years in the business as a Script Writer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor and Producer Produced over 2500 films (across all genres )

Career Highlights:

  • Assistant on Production of David Lean’s Passage to India
  • Cameraman / Editor – Shekhar Kapoor / Satish Kaushik TV Serial – Sara Jahan Hamara
  • Cameraman / Editor – Sridhar Kshirsagar – TV Serial Gulmohar West
  • Editor for M.S Sathyu’s TV serial
  • Scripted directed nearly 2000 films across genres of commercials, documentaries, corporate and public service films

Winner of A&M and Ad Club Awards
  • Written, Photographed, Published a documentary & coffee table book, “Gomatta” on the Mahamastakaabhisheka at Shravanbelagola
  • Produced and Directed India’s first documentary on a champion race horse, titled Elusive Pimpernal
  • Produced, Directed the first music video on AIDS awareness
  • Produced and directed a documentary on Roger Waters Concert in India
  • Produced and directed Television Programming of over 18 music concerts with international artists like Rolling Stones, Sir Elton John, Aerosmith, Bryan Adams, Black Eyed Peas etc.
  • Produced and directed a series on awareness films on Save the Tiger with players of the Indian Cricket team
  • Produced and directed a documentary on the making of the Bangalore International Airport
  • Documentary and coffee table book on drug abuse: The White Lady
  • Publisher of a unique children’s magazine, Hoopla Club, which in just it’s third year has crossed 15,000 subscribers and is the only magazine to have a Braille version in India
  • Founder of Hoopsters.in and Parents' Cafe. A Children's and Parental engagement platforms.
  • .........and lots more

V G Bhaskar (Director and Editor - Corporate Films and Ad films)

Sri (Editor and Cinematographer - over 20 feature films and corporate films)


V.K. PRAKASH - National award winner. Producer /Director (Ad films and Feature films)
N. P.Prakash - Producer. Ad films ( Mumbai)
Pratiba Raman - Associate Editor- MyNation (Asianet Group)
Sugandhi Gangadhar – Director/Cinematographer – Wild life documentaries

Nagabharna – National award winner – Director Feature films/Documentaries
Girish Kasarvalli – National award winner – Director Feature films/Documentaries

5th MUG: The differentiator

At 5th MUG we offer hands-on training by FTII professionals and industry experts with versatile experience encompassing different genres and skill sets involved in the business of film making. Our focus is on exposing candidates to industry realities and training them in aspects that go beyond the technicalities. This is what makes us unique. We groom not just professionals, but also people who have what it takes to succeed in this highly competitive field. And we do this training you to:


Anyone can teach you techniques. But very few can teach you how to think. And that is the starting part of any creative endeavour like film making where knowing what will work, how to judge an idea and planning how to execute an idea is all about how you think.


The ability to observe is what differentiates a good professional from a mediocre one especially in fields like film making, journalism and photography. Observing not-so- apparent details, behavior, people etc helps in creating something that connects with the intended audience.


A well-produced video, film or any creative work will fail if it is made with no feeling. But the ability to feel is not something that can be taught in a regular course. It is something that you absorb and that is what we help you do.


The ultimate aim of any creative or informative work is to communicate; without this the whole purpose is lost. We train you in the art of communication, which is about many things – understanding the audience, using the right language, the right tools, etc. It is also about how you communicate with your own team because film making is always about team work.


As an extension of thinking, we train you how to ideate. Ideation is about using information, experience and imagination to visualize something that can be executed and serve the stated objective.

Most importantly, at 5th MUG we give you opportunities to be part of our exciting, ongoing projects.


5th MUG will be holding screening programmes where selected interesting videos made by aspiring professionals will be screened. Our forum is open to encouraging new talent and registered remembers can screen their films and invite friends and others to watch the screenings. These will be supported by lively discussions and Q & As.

Talent Hub

The big talent gap that we see in the film making industry today exists because aspiring professionals who have the talent do not have avenues to share their talent and those looking for talent do not know where to find it. At 5 th MUG we hope to bridge this gap. So if you have made films /videos or have ideas and would like them to be seen by the right people in the industry